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End of the Year #ReadingCram – Seasonal Challenge


Yay, it’s day 6 and I’ve read 7 books so far. Quite a challenge.

So, today’s challenge is recommend a book good for:

1. a snow day


I definitely recommend you to read The Happy Endings Book Club by Jane Tara. It’s a heartwarming book about love, friendship, and parenthood.

2. a rainy day


Heartbeat by Elizabeth Scott would be perfect for a rainy day. It’s a sad story but the ending will make you smile.

3. a beach


Bringing Home The Birkin by Michael Tonello is perfect for a beach-read. You’ll be entertained!

4. a spooky night


Read Lisey’s Story by Stephen King, and your childhood nightmares would come alive.

Here’s my reading progress so far:

Finished reading
1. The Fifth Mountain by Paulo Coelho – 320 pages
2. The Happy Endings Book Club by Jane Tara – 182 pages
3. A Night of No Return by Sarah Morgan – 192 pages
4. Deenie by Judy Blume – 194 pages
5. Simple Thinking About Blood Type by Park Dong Soen – 262 pages
6. After School Horror by Nana R. Praptini – 161 pages
7. Heartbeat by Elizabeth Scott – 304 pages

Still reading:
The Riverman by Aaron Starmer – on page 155

Total books read: 8
Number of pages read so far: 1,802 pages

Thanks Dana and Jenny for hosting this awesome challenge.


End of the Year 2013 #ReadingCram – Teaser Challenge


It’s day 2. I have a lot of things to do today that I didn’t read much *sigh* but surely I’ll catch up and try to read as much as I can tomorrow morning.

My reading progress:

1. The Fifth Mountain – Paulo Coelho (320 pages in Indonesian) Review

Teaser Challenge

Today’s challenge is easy! Find a random page in the book you are reading, and post 2 “teaser” sentences!


Book clubs were tricky. Strangers came together, and no matter how compatible they seemed, if they didn’t like the same books – or at least respect what the other members liked – then the club would die a quick and often painful death. (p. 6)

What’s your quote?

Thanks Jenny and Dana for hosting!