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Wishful Wednesday 36: Teatime for The Firefly


Nggak kerasa sudah menginjak bulan Maret, dan saya sudah 2 bulan hiatus Wishful Wednesday.

Bertepatan dengan Rabu Abu, saya juga sekalian ingin mengucapkan selamat menjalankan ibadah menyambut pra-Paskah untuk teman-teman yang merayakannya ya.

Saya sedang ngidam karya sastra Asia, terutama India, setelah terkesan dengan karya Chitra Divakaruni, yaitu Arranged Marriage yang review-nya ada di sini.

Saya juga lagi kesengsem dengan buku-buku terbitan Harlequin yang bukan genre romance yang biasanya bertebaran di rak pajang Gramedia atau di website Harlequin. Salah satunya adalah ini:



Layla Roy has defied the fates.

Despite being born under an inauspicious horoscope, she is raised to be educated and independent by her eccentric grandfather, Dadamoshai. And, by cleverly manipulating the hand fortune has dealt her, she has even found love with Manik Deb—a man betrothed to another. All were minor miracles in India that spring of 1943, when young women’s lives were predetermined—if not by the stars, then by centuries of family tradition and social order.

Layla’s life as a newly married woman takes her away from home and into the jungles of Assam, where the world’s finest tea thrives on plantations run by native labor and British efficiency. Fascinated by this culture of whiskey-soaked expats who seem fazed by neither earthquakes nor man-eating leopards, she struggles to find her place among the prickly English wives with whom she is expected to socialize, and the peculiar servants she now finds under her charge.

But navigating the tea-garden set will hardly be her biggest challenge. Layla’s remote home is not safe from the powerful changes sweeping India on the heels of the Second World War. Their colonial society is at a tipping point, and Layla and Manik find themselves caught in a perilous racial divide that threatens their very lives.

Saya tertarik ingin memiliki buku ini selain coverlust juga judulnya yang bikin saya kepingin baca. Sebagai seorang tea addict, saya selalu penasaran dengan novel dengan latar budaya minum teh.

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Happy Wednesday


[Book Review] Under the Jeweled Sky by Alison McQueen



Title: Under the Jeweled Sky
Author: Alison McQueen
Publication date: Feb 2014
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Format: eARC
Genre: Historical fiction
Age group: Adult
Source: Publisher via Netgalley
Buy it: The Book Depository


London 1957. In a bid to erase her past, Sophie Schofield accepts a wedding proposal from ambitious British diplomat, Lucien Grainger. When he is posted to New Delhi, into the glittering circle of ex-pat society, old wounds begin to break open as Sophie is confronted with the memory of her first, forbidden love and its devastating consequences. This is not the India she fell in love with ten years before in a maharaja’s palace, the India that ripped out her heart as Partition tore the country in two. And so begins the unravelling of an ill-fated marriage, setting in motion a devastating chain of events that will bring her face to face with a past she tried so desperately to forget, and a future she must fight for. This is a tender story of love, loss of innocence, and the aftermath of a terrible decision no one knew how to avoid.Purchase this book


I received a copy from the publisher via Netgalley.

Under the Jewelled Sky by Alison McQueen is a beautiful novel about India, where the country is one of the integral characters. Set at the time of Partition and a decade or so later, the author brought us back to the mid 1900s, when the British was about to leave.

Besides telling about vibrant India , the author was successfully portray a realistic character through Sophie. Her father is a physiscian at the palace. She builds a friendship with Jag (one of my favorite characters as well), the son of a servant. In that era, such relationship was kind of forbidden.

Ten years later, Sophie was involved in an ill-fated marriage. She found India a different place, unlike the place that she loved when she was younger.

When she came back to England, she felt strange. Meeting her distant mother and found out about her grandmother’s passing. All I can say that this story is about Sophie’s journey in finding happiness. Some parts made me cry. This novel was beautifully crafted. The way she writes about India, the details and everything, makes me want to go there, maybe someday.

Overall, I love this book to pieces. I want to reread it and I will definitely read other books by the same author.


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