Cerita Mini di Judul Buku


Terinspirasi oleh postingan melmarian, iseng-iseng gue bikin cerita mini dari tumpukan buku.

Ini hasilnya:


Dia pilihan hati Madam.


Tiga Venus dicintai Jo, psycho love.


Children at promise, welcome to hell.


When I was Puerto Rican, The virgin blue crash into you.


Kala lonceng cinta berdentang, Bobby and Jackie ciuman di bawah hujan Yogyakarta.

Share juga dong cerita minimu 🙂

Happy Wednesday, selamat libur besok.



Source of idea: here.

About lustandcoffee

A housewife, a mother, a passionate literati, a writer, a tea addict & occasional traveler. I also translate some articles for a business magazine. I'm a contributor for Writer's Magz Indonesia.

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  1. Asyik… suka yang terakhir 🙂

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